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                 Solo and Ensemble- Registration

Registration form HERE

What is Solo and Ensemble-   S&E is a festival run by Florida Bandmasters Association.  The festival is held in February.  Students may prepare a solo piece to perform at the festival.  They also have the option of playing in an ensemble (duet, trio, quartet, small ensemble)  When attending the festival, students will play their piece for a judge.   That judge will give them a rating, along with some very valuable comments in order to help the student progress musically on their instrument. 

This is an excellent opportunity for students to show leadership in their band, and excel on their instrument. 

Solo and Ensemble is an optional festival that students choose to participate in.   


Sign-up-  Registration for S&E happens in November before Thanksgiving Break.  Registration costs $40 for a solo and that includes a piano accompaniment that Mrs. Burg will organize.  If the solo requires no accompaniment the fee is $20 for a solo.  If a piece of music has a piano accompaniment, you MUST use a piano accompaniment to perform.  Ensembles  will be charged $10 per participant.   Any and all payments are NON-Refundable.


Registration form here


Choosing Music-  Mrs Burg will help you choose a piece of music to play.  If you have a private teacher he/she may help you choose your music, but you must be responsible for having the piano accompaniment and the original (not a copy) of the music for the festival.  The music must be chosen from the FBA list.  


Other things to know- Students who do not follow through with a signed contract will not be  eligible to participate in S&E during the following school year.  if you are unprepared for the event, the band director reserves the right to disqualify your participation.

Day of the event- You'll get this form with your information on the top.


Solo & Ensemble

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________


Day:-______________________________                       Time:________________________________


Location:  Buchholz HS


Before arriving:  Make sure that you are dressed nicely (no jeans, sneakers, or tee-shirts)  Make sure that you have the original music for the judge and all the measures are numbered.


Arrive at the location at approximately 45 minutes early.  Check in at the registration table.  Be sure to have your music, original music for the judge, instrument, and all needed supplies (percussion included-you need your own instrument sticks etc)

Locate your performance room.  Then go warm-up in the designated warm-up room (usually the cafeteria)  Be sure to check your tuning with a tuner.  Arrive outside of your performance room 10 minutes before your scheduled time. 


When arriving in the room, greet your judge with a friendly smile and hand them the original copy of your music.  Make sure that every measure in your music is numbered   You  should play a couple of notes to do a quick warm-up and hear how your instrument sounds in the room.  You will then tune with the piano.

The judge will ask you if you are ready, if so then you may begin.


Afterwards, the judge will probably talk to you a little bit about your piece and how you played it.  Make sure that you are polite to the judge and remember his/her comments they will probably be very helpful in the future. 


When you are finished the judge will dismiss you.  Make sure that you thank your judge and get your music back.   You may then go put your instrument away.   Your score will be posted as soon as the judge hands it in.  It’s usually in the hallway near the registration room. 


Be sure to thank your accompanist!